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click for larger image (photo credit Ron Lewis)
Francis Building Mural
Half Moon Bay, California
Summer 2003
The process of developing a design for this mural was very dynamic, very
much organic, and intuitively driven.  When Charles Nelson first
approached us with his idea, we were immediately drawn to his exciting
energy and vision.  Knowing the importance of composition, he was very
encouraging about not putting everything into a perfect box.  This, in turn,
unleashed a flood of design and concept possibilities.  

We were quite fortunate for the many valuable occasions where we met
with persons who shared their memories and experiences in this
community.  We are grateful for the many generous individuals who
provided countless resource information through documents, archives,
and other media.  Through all of this, it became clear that Half Moon Bay
has a living, breathing history; one that originates in the past and sustains
the present to help guide the future.  

In order to depict something not bound by the conventions of linear time,
we needed a design that appears to emerge out of time; a design where
the events which shape Half Moon Bay take place simultaneously.  A
square frame could not contain such an image.  On the contrary, its
edges and contours would be guided instinctively, as the coastline
delineates our own natural geography.  Held together by the relation
between different traditions, cultures, views and commitments, the design
is free to reflect the forms and colors as they once emanated through the
different words of different people: vividly.

                                                         Adriana Y. Gallego and Claudio Dicochea